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Sync Error in Neat for Windows

Published 07/08/2013 12:34 PM   |    Updated 10/03/2013 03:20 PM
I am receiving an exclamation point on the sync button and a window that says "Online Sync Error". How do I fix this?

If you are experiencing an issue with the NeatCloud Sync feature you can try the steps below to get back up and running.


The error message above means that the sync process failed at some point during the sync.  Follow through the steps below to help resolve the issue

  1. Turn the Sync off and then back on by selecting Tools -> Sync -> Sync Settings and choose Off.  Hit Save and Close.  Then click on the Sync icon again and choose On and sign into your account.
  2. Try closing Neat and then reopen Neat as administrator by right clicking on the Neat icon and choosing Run as Administrator.
  3. Verify you have Internet access and are able to get to from Internet Explorer.
    Try signing in.  If you are unable to get to or sign in then follow the steps in the article linked below
    Fixing Internet Explorer Settings
  4. If you can get to then select your name in the top right hand corner and choose My Account from the drop down.  Verify you have a current cloud subscription
  5. If you have a firewall currently on, try disabling it.  If your firewall is blocking Neat from accessing the Internet than you will not be able to sync to our Cloud.


Other Sync Issues:

"Sync is down due to maintainance"

This message means we are performing updates to the Cloud. Please be patient as we are updating our systems to give you the best experience possible. Try turning the sync on again after an hour to see if the system is back online.

"Error 137"

Visit the following link for help with this issue: Error 137

Still having issues?

Send us a copy of your error log so that we can review and provide solutions for you.  You can find steps on how to do this in the link below

Obtaining your Error Log

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