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What is the status of Neat® products and Windows 8?

Published 10/03/2012 12:15 PM   |    Updated 07/16/2013 06:06 PM

What is the status of Neat® products and Windows 8 or Windows RT?

Windows 8 Support

Neat 5.1 SP4 and later supports Windows 8.  To get the latest version of our software please visit the link below.

All support for previous versions of Neat and NeatWorks will be provided on a “best effort” basis.  We offer no guarantee that these previous versions will function exactly the same as on older Windows Operating Systems.  Any known issues with Neat or NeatWorks and Windows 8 will be appended to this KB article.

Windows RT Support

Neat® for Windows and NeatCloud™ do not support Windows RT tablets at this time.  The Neat Company is evaluating the possibility of releasing an app for Windows RT devices at a later date.  No definite timeline is available for this release, which will be prioritized based upon customer demand.

NeatWorks Data Migration Utility

Windows 8 drops support for the SQLServer Express 2005 package used by NeatWorks 4.6 and earlier.  Customers with data in an .NRBAK format from one of these older versions will not be able to use the Database Migration Utility on a Windows 8 system.  Customers with backups in an .NWBAK or .NBAK format are unaffected by this change.  Neat strongly suggests that customers using legacy versions of NeatWorks migrate their data to Neat 5 prior to installing Windows 8.

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